900HP N/A NASCAR Powered V8 Toyota Tacoma Performance Truck

V8 Toyota Tacoma Performance Truck

Hey it’s Shawn, Autotopia LA. I’m here at the DeBerti shop in North Carolina with Brad Deberti.

We’re gonna dig in to this... I mean it’s funny to even call it a Toyota Tacoma because it is so far from it at this point.

Brad literally used the doors and the roof from the Toyota Tacoma everything else is gone. Full chassis build. They took a brand new 2020 Tacoma, lifted the cab off and push the entire factory chassis out.

Brad is into rally cross, drifting, lots of off-road trucks, and NASCAR. He has a huge range of things that he can do with this truck. It has so much adjustability he can virtually do any of those disciplines.

Starting with the front it has 74 degrees of steering for when you're drifting. Theres a six speed sequential trans and what's powering it is the big thing about this truck that just sounds wild. It screams at 10K RPM its a Toyota TRD NASCAR cup car motor. Making 900 N/A horsepower.

He wanted it N/A because it revs so freely. It goes from 2K to 10K RPM in milliseconds. This is the first vehicle that he has gotten in after figuring out racing that has made him nervous.




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